WE serve because WE care...

INNOVATIVE Health Services Inc's workforce is wide-ranging, skilled and equipped with the state’s certification requirement. Our workforce team is consisted of exceptionally knowledgeable employees in their particular field of expertise to provide the best assessment for the patient’s needs. The workforce team includes LVN’s and Registered Nurses, Physical & Occupational Therapists, Health Aides and Social Workers. We promote an optimistic spirit within our working environment that greatly helps us respond effectively to a client’s necessity and constantly improve our methods resulting in innovative evaluations and recommendations for our clients. 

All through the years, Innovative Health Services Inc. has demonstrated a compassionate commitment in providing unrivalled health services within our reach. The workforce is led by the Administrator Adelfa Andres who oversees the day to day operations and ensures that all are running efficiently. From the beginning, Adelfa Andres closely supervised the operations, and with the indispensable solidarity of the workforce team, continues to bring in the success of the company.